Elementary Schools

皇家华人 has 83 elementary schools.

Middle Schools

皇家华人 has 24 middle schools, 3 of which are our middle school magnet programs.

High Schools

皇家华人 has 21 high schools, 8 of which are magnet schools.

Special Schools

皇家华人 has 4 special schools. Northside special school hours vary and are available on the school website pages.

Magnet Schools

Northside has magnet programs at several high schools and three middle schools.

Enrichment Academies

Two elementary schools follow an innovative school-year model providing 26 extra days of enriched instruction through engaging, hands-on activities.

Find a School

Northside ISD assigns students to schools according to the street address where the student resides. 

Our  will provide you with the name and address of the schools serving your area.

Just enter the student鈥檚 street number and street name to search for school assignment, bus route information, and any future Board adopted boundary changes.

皇家华人 police

Our police department works with the schools and 皇家华人 offices to make sure safeline continues to help improve the safety and confidence in 皇家华人 schools.

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