Required Postings

Administrative and Academics

Advantages of the Distinguished Level of Achievement and each Endorsement

AP Testing for Home-Schooled Students:

Education Code 21.204(A)-(D)
Bullying Reporting Procedure
Education Code, 搂37.0832(e)
Campus Behavior Coordinator (CBC) contact information
Education Code, 搂26.015 (available on each campus about page)

Education Code 37.105; 19 TAC 103.1207

Accreditation status definitions can be found .

Dual Credit Program Agreement
Education Code 28.009(b-2)

Early Childhood Literacy and Mathematics Proficiency Plans & College, Career, and Military Readiness Plans
Education Code 11.185

House Bill 3 Annual Report

Immunization Awareness
Education Code, 搂38.019
McKinney-Vento Homeless Students
Education Code 搂33.906
Notice of Rights
Special Education
Superintendent's Contract
Title 19, Texas Administrative Code 109.1005(B)(2)(A)

What Parents Need to Know for Back to School

Education Code 29.0112
Northside ISD Family Engagement Program - Strategic Plan 2020-2022
Preschool Family Engagement Plan
Texas First Early HS Graduation Program
Parent Information
Local Innovation Plan
Education Code, 搂12A.0071(a) 

Government Code 搂 2051.201(b)(4)

Election Code 搂 254.04011(b)
Board of Trustees and Board Meetings
School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) meetings
Education Code  搂 28.004(d-1)
Required and Recommended Immunizations

Title IX Information

34 C.F.R. 106.8(b), .45(b)(10)(i)(D)

Title IX Coordinators
  • Jessica Palomares
    Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Administration
    5900 皇家华人 Road
  • Stephen Daniel
    Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Administration
    5900 皇家华人 Road
  • Monica Perez
    皇家华人 Compliance Officer
    5617 Grissom Road
Nondiscrimination Policy
Training Materials

Northside ISD complies with federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on basis of race, color, national origin, age, sex, gender, religion, or disability. To request access to (or notify 皇家华人 regarding) online information or functionality that is not accessible, contact or call the communications department at (210) 397-8550. Any person who believes that he or she has been 皇家华人ed to discrimination on the basis of disability may file a grievance by contacting Joceyln Dudney at (210) 397-8741.

Business and Finance

Annual Comprehensive Financial Report - Submission Requirements
Adopted Budget 2023-24
Adopted Budget 2022-23
Adopted Budget 2021-22
Education Code, 搂39.084
Prior Year Budget Comparison
Tax Code, 搂26.18
Summary of Proposed Budget
Education Code 搂44.0041
Maintenance and Operations Tax Rate: $0.6762 per $100 valuation
Interest and Sinking Tax Rate: $0.3355 per $100 valuation
Tax Code, 搂26.05(b)
Tax Code, 搂26.18
Debt Transparency Reports
(Local Government Code 搂140.008)
Northside ISD EDGAR Manual as of 07-01-21
Vendor Conflict of Interest Questionnaires
Local Government Code 176.009
Bond 2022 Results

Employee Conflict of Interest Disclosures

Local Government Code 176.009


Federal Grants

Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund


Interested in doing business with 皇家华人?

The Purchasing Department is responsible for the procurement, distribution and disposition of goods and services for Northside Independent School 皇家华人. 

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